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Alex Alexander

Alex Alexander
Licensed Real Estate Broker

Hi I’m Alex Alexander, a licensed real estate broker based out of Allen Park, MI. I’ve been in this industry for over 20 years and I’ve personally sold hundreds of properties, both residential and commercial.

During my years as a sales agent, I was frustrated by how much income I was giving away to the brokers, while I did nearly all of the work. When I became a broker, I decided that I was going to give agents more income for their efforts by eliminating as much red tape from the transaction process as possible. This is what Real Estate 101 is all about, we keep it simple.

We Keep It Simple!

Why We’re Different

Real Estate 101 is a virtual broker’s office. Unlike the major franchises, we don’t believe we have to operate out of a big fancy office with high overhead, and force the sales agents to pay for it. We offer a great opportunity for sales agents to operate their own real estate business from the comfort of their home. That means there is no required floor time or desks fees. Agents are responsible for their own advertising costs and overhead expenses just like any other business. When a sell is made, our agents come to us to broker the deal and we help close the sell. It’s a simple business model!

Earn Up to 100% Commissions

Agents work on an 80/20 split, with an 80% commission going to the agent and 20% going to Real Estate 101. As an example, when an agent sells a house for $100K, the total commission is $3000 for the selling side. The agent receives $2400 and Real Estate 101 receives $600. After agents have paid Real Estate 101 $2500 for the year, we’ll continue to broker their deals and they earn 100% commissions from each transaction. Now, that’s what we call putting more money in your pocket!

Is This Right For Me?

This partnership is for non conventional agents, where a corporate office may not be the best fit. Perhaps you’ve who signed up to be a Realtor to make some extra cash, but don’t want the floor time or extra fees you pay at a franchise for expensive advertising and desk costs. Or maybe you have other jobs and responsibilities, but like to dabble or are self-motivated and don’t require the structure of a conventional office space. If you want to operate your real estate business on your own terms and don’t need all the “hand holding”, this partnership may be an ideal opportunity for you.

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